For Teachers

pouncingSometimes we stumble upon the perfect story, explanation or method to teach complex mathematical and scientific concepts. This serves as a catalyst for explaining or engaging learners into an otherwise challenging concept.

Zombie Cat was created to enable the sharing these catalysts, which can make an important difference in engaging learners and encourage understanding. Zombie Cat isn't about lesson plans, or full teaching notes... but rather about sharing catalysts: the accelerating piece of the knowledge equation. So think of Zombie Cat as a store room of props that help engage students when teaching math and science... tell us how they worked for you and share your own!

Stay tuned, there's more to come.

At Zombie Cat, we're constantly looking for new ways of engaging students.  As we develop new ideas, we're always looking for creative ways to share them.  Here're some projects we posted on Thingiverse. 

You can also follow the work we've done at Castilleja School at the Bourn Lab blog.

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